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About Us


We have a passion for children’s books; for the story writing, the illustration and the magic books can bring to children’s lives. Reading holds wonderful powers to spark children’s fabulous imaginations. So with a little unicorn magic, fairy dust (or the help of a magic mirror!) we can take children on all kinds of adventures.


I have always had a place in my heart for beautifully illustrated children’s stories. Grown stronger through wonderful years of reading them to my two children, plus making a few up for them myself along the way! Through my small printing company, I was fortunate enough to meet Hannah a few years earlier, whilst she was a student at the local University. We produced her first children’s book for her coursework in a small quantity. I loved her work then and, after I came up with the concept of the books and formed the business, I was fortunate enough to invite her on board, to bring her magic to the pages of the books.


Illustration is such huge part of a children’s story book, it gives you the chance to add another dimension through pictures and I am very grateful to be able to dedicate my time hand drawing illustrations for Bang on Books. Being contacted by Simon after our paths had crossed earlier was a very pleasant surprise, it took me no time at all to match the enthusiasm he had for his new book company and I knew I wanted to be a big part of what he wanted to achieve.

Bang on Books

The enthusiasm has very much remained as we have debated story plots, discussed lovable characters and everything else that has made Simon’s little BIG idea into a reality.

So here we are, delighted to be introducing a brand new type of personalised story book for children. They are light hearted, fun, filled with adventure and good morales to help little ones fall in love with story time and hopefully grow into well rounded people.

This website allows you to personalise the stories in simple steps and we are very proud of the high quality books, hopefully soon to be found in homes all over the world.

Thank you for reading our story, don’t forget to keep coming back as this is just the beginning...

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